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Conti, Robert

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  • Genre: Jazz, Jazz - Improvisation, Jazz - Bebop, Blues
  • Instrument: Guitar, Guitar - 8 String
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  • Web Site: Here
  • Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA

Born in an area of South Philadelphia  that  spawned  a number of world renowned musicians, Conti’s interest in the guitar began in the late 1950s.  Other than a dozen lessons  with Philadelphia  guitar virtuoso, Joe Sgro, Conti is a self-taught musician.  However, he credits Sgro as an early influence.

At the beginning of his  teen years, he was performing  nightly in the Philadelphia area with a variety of show groups, while spending summers on the road.  After high school graduation, he spent the mid 1960's performing throughout  the  United States and Canada.  In 1965, while traveling  from Miami to Philadelphia, an impromptu visit to a relative was the beginning of a  twenty-two year Florida residency.  The record executive Otto Gust stated: “Robert Conti is a paradox, as one would not expect a musician of his caliber to be a corporate type.”  Unfortunately, for fans of jazz guitar, throughout the duration of his residency in Florida, a series of successful business ventures kept him  away  from  playing  guitar for many of those years. In mid 1988, an offer from the Dino DeLaurentiis organization  in Beverly Hills resulted in the veteran guitarist’s relocation to Southern California.  After recuperating from  an accident in late 1988, Conti decided the time had come to play guitar exclusively.  In early 1989, he began a two week engagement in a luxurious Southern California hotel that continued for ten years!

He cites Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith, and Howard Roberts as the guitarists who had the strongest influence on his approach to straight-ahead hard bop playing.  He also credits  Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum as the source of the harmonic approach that is the signature to his solo guitar work.  After attending one of  his  live performances, it is quickly apparent why  Robert Conti is continuously described by musicians, fans and critics as a dynamic virtuoso with mind-boggling technical virtuosity. 

Prior to the year 2000, his teaching skill was accessible only to those who were able to take a private lesson with him in  Florida  or  Southern California.  As indicated by the customer commentaries on his website, he is as equally skilled as an educator. However, immediately after the inception of his website, the international jazz guitar community quickly responded to the high impact approach embodied in his first group of Source Code Books released in 2000. Those books were the first to deliver the high impact Conti approach to teaching, wherein he teaches students to learn to play jazz guitar by playing jazz on the guitar, not modes and scales.  His  unprecedented output of nearly 30 full length DVDs within a six year period is an undeniable benchmark of student demand  for his ability to consistently deliver high impact instruction.

This extraordinary musician is now receiving the international recognition that he certainly deserves.  In addition to well attended performances at NAMM each year, his talent  was the subject of the cover story in the prestigious Just Jazz Guitar Magazine recently.  He continues to receive  major  press  notice,  career profiles and CD reviews  in periodicals such as Jazz Improv, Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar.

In addition to his educational products, his credentials include  several CD releases on the former TrendDiscovery and Time Is record labels, as well as current recordings on Pinnacle Records including, The Jazz Quintet;  Comin’ On Strong!; To The Brink!  As of  this writing, Conti resides and  performs primarily in Las Vegas, Nevada and Southern California. In addition to his credentials as a premier educator, this immensely talented man is perhaps the busiest “working” jazz guitarist.


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