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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Instrument: Piano
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Pianist/ Composer/Singer Jim Pearce has released 5 Jazz CD’s which have received much radio airplay  as well as having his music used in TV shows , including “Lipstick Jungle” (NBC), “Greek” (ABC) and others. He’s also been the recipient of numerous awards including First Place/Instrumental Category (Great American Song Contest), Grand Prize/Jazz Category (John Lennon Songwriting Contest), and Finalist for Jazz Album of the Year in The Independent Music Awards. Jim currently resides in Atlanta where he continues to play full time, compose and practice. Jim is available for gigs as a leader or sideman.

Press Quotes
"Never Open with a Ballad is a delightful collection of modern jazz performed by an outstanding collective of sympathetic musicians who are truly deserving of wider recognition. Pearce proves himself a highly adept leader who approaches every aspect of his music with vision and integrity." All About Jazz/ John Barron

"This is Spectacular, great CD -- I already listened to it twice. What a great collection of tracks, musical skills and the surprise of Jim's vocals, quite an opener!! Again with the greatest pleasure will take this CD into extended airplay." Joost Van Steen, Jazz & Blues Tour Radio - The Netherlands

“Pearce has produced another winner. This is outstanding mainstream jazz. Washington Square Park is a powerful reminder that not all great jazz pianist/composers are signed to Verve or Blue Note-or work out of New York”       All About Jazz / Paul Olson

“Jim Pearce is in possession of a special type of “triple threat.” I don’t know if he can dance or act. That’s not the kind I mean. What Pearce certainly can do is sing, play piano and write great music. He does plenty of each on his latest CD, Never Open with a Ballad. He and his band play in relaxed, straight -ahead jazz style. The songs (each tune on the CD is a Pearce original) are unique. Pearce has a clearly developed compositional style. The arrangements bring out the best from each composition. The musicians bring out the best from each arrangement. Never Open with a Ballad is seriously swingin’ CD that is infinitely worth a listen or two.”           Jazz Improv Magazine/ Dave Miele

 “Jim is an extraordinarily talented musician and those skills are matched by his songwriting abilities. It is easy to see why he has earned many songwriting awards during his illustrious career. His stories and their imaginative lyrics create vivid images that one does not soon forget, or want to. And his piano riffs continue to play in your head long after his music stops.”     Roots Music Report/ Brenda Barbee

"This is a reminder that there are a number of great musicians who deserve much wider recognition! Jim Pearce is one of them” - Peter Kuller, Radio Adelaide - Australia

“Pearce's group is nearly flawless”      All About Jazz / Michael Gladstone

 “Jazz composer/pianist Jim Pearce has assembled an impressive canon of songs showcasing his own creative composition prowess and dazzling technical gifts. The septet shines from the opening title track through the album’s closer, “One More Tomorrow.” He also delivers charming vocals on four tracks.”       One Way Magazine

 “Thirty Year Waltz comforts like a caress.” “Muddy River Vamp peppers us with groove and carefully configured ensemble. This song and a few others will stop casual conversations. The complexity within provokes a deeper listen.”   Jazz Improv Magazine / Gregory J. Robb       

“Jim Pearce reminds me somewhat of Bob Dorough and Dave Frishberg, you see. Fans of both will enjoy this CD along with Mr. Pearce's fine piano playing.”   The Jazz Rendezvous / Eric Alan

“From the opening track, “Muddy River Vamp”, this one cooks!  O's Place Jazz Newsletter



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