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CD Review: Charlie Apicella & Iron City - The Business

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz - Contemporary
  • Personnel:
    Charlie Apicella - guitar, Dave Mattock - organ, Alan Korzin - drums, Stephen Riley - tenor sax, Mayra Casales - congas, percussion
  • Tracks:
    The Business, 64 Cadillac, Donny Brook, Ironcity, Can't help falling in love, Cantaloupe Woman, Blue String, The Shaw Shuffle, Stanley's Time

As is the case for many young jazz musicians these days, Charlie Apicella reflects on his music influences from different jazz styles. On his album The Business one may hear the funk danceable groove of the title track, the latin beat of "64 Cadillac" and "Donny Brook" reminiscent of Santana. The gospel sound of "Can't help falling in love", the african rhythms of Stanley Turrentine's "Stanley's Time" and the more traditional swinging of Sonny Stitt "Blue String" and Apicella original composition Iron City.

"Cantaloupe Woman", one of the best tracks on the album, is an obvious reference to Herbie Hancock classic Cantaloupe Island. Apicella guitar style takes from different guitarrist also but ther is a clear similarity to the great Wes Montgomery.

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