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CD Review: Jackson Garrett - Let Sleeping Dog Lie

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz - R&B Soul
  • Personnel:
    Christopher Gore - composer, arranger, producer, vocals, Marty Steele - composer, arranger, engineer, pianist, Jeff Stover - bass, Steve Neilen - drums, John Pagels - guitar, Steve Madaio - trumpet, Gary Bias - sax, Pat Rizzo - sax, Kenny Meier - trombone, Kristi King - vocals, Laura Hagen - vocals
  • Tracks:
    Kundalini, High time, The fire in your eyes, Let sleeping dogs lie, The south side of the city, Come with me, Take me back to heaven, You dirty dog, Owed to the dan, It's you I'm holding now, Don't tell me what to do, Happy cat rap, Virtual love, The Rock of Gibraltar

Jackson Garrett is a creative composer who has the ability to borrow from different music styles to create a unique and interesting sound.

Garrett has a strong command of the jazz language "High Time", but his music also contains influences of rock, "Let sleeping dog lie", "You dirty dog" soul, "The fire in your eyes", funk "Don't tell me what to do", ballads "It's you I'm holding now" and smooth jazz "Happy cat rap".

For his new release, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie. Garrett reunites a group of extraordinares musicians including the amazing singers Kristi King and Laura Hagen.

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