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CD Review: Mace Hibbard – Time Gone By

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz
  • Personnel:
    Musicians: Mace Hibbard – saxophone, Melvin Jones – trumpet, Louis Heriveaux – piano, Marc Miller – bass, Justin Varnes – drums

  • Tracks:
    Tracks: Rude on Purpose, December 18th, Indecision, Hallowed Ground, Always on my mind, Theme for Dos Lyn, Remembrance of things past, Slip and Slide, The Rain King, Time Gone By, La Danza Olvidada, For the memories we share

Time Gone By, saxophonist Mace Hibbard second release is a collection of outstanding, fresh compositions accompanied by thoughtful solos throughout. And even though Hibbard is the leader of this quintet, Time Gone By is without a doubt a collective effort. And as is the case with lots of young musicians these days, Mace and his quintet dominates all languages of the jazz tradition. “For the memories we share” is clearly a smooth jazz ballad, and tracks like “Hallowed Ground”, “Always on my mind”, Remembrance of things past”, also have elements of smooth jazz.

However there are moments where the music on this album echoes that of Miles Davis first great quintet. Hibbard tone on “Indecision” has a Coltrane like quality and the track even sounds like a Miles Davis composition from those years. “Theme for Dos Lyn” also has elements of Miles quintet with Coltrane. The frantic pace, fast improvisations on sax and quick chord changes on “Slip and Slide” are reminiscent of Coltrane Giant Steps.

The quintet cohesiveness and their creative and sharp solos over Hibbard outstanding compositions show a strong command of the jazz language.

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