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CD Review: Melvin Jones - Pivot

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz - Contemporary
  • Personnel:
    Melvin Jones - trumpet, Mace Hibbard - alto and tenor saxophones, Louis Heriveaux - piano, Rodney Jordan - bass, Leon Anderson - drums
  • Tracks:
    The Jug or Knot, Angels, Inner Tubes, Inception, Pivot, Philly Time Zone, Dizzyspell, Jone-Marie, Do you wor Kalogne?, Flights Beyond, Funky Shuffle, Chaos Groove, Goodnight Moon

Pivot is the debut album from trumpeter Melvin Jones, a name that surely be a force in the jazz world in the following years. As many young jazz musicians, Jones has the striking ability to blend the sounds of contemporary jazz with a strong command of the more traditional jazz language. In the track "Chaos Groove" Jones even ventures into the free jazz improvisation. His soulful style on trumpet is thickened by the sound of such greats as Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis. Like Gillespie, the latin influence is evident is Jones music, especially on the compositions "The Jug or Knot", "Dizzyspell", and the title track "Pivot". Jones displays a limitless imagination on his improvisations in the Coltrane-like track "Inception", the bebop "Do you wor Kalogne?", and in the cool jazz sounds of "Flights Beyond" ( a piece reminiscent of Miles Davis music in Birth of Cool). Mace Hibbard on sax and Louis Heriveaux add cool improvisations all throughout and Hibbard also wrote "Do you wor Kalogne?", the smooth jazz ballad "Goodnight Moon" and co-wrote "Inception" with Melvin Jones.
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