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CD Review: Mindy Canter - Fluteus Maximus

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz - Contemporary
  • Personnel:
    Mindy Canter - flute, keyboards, vocals, Denny Geyer - guitar and vocals, Roy Blumenfeld - drums, Paul Smith - bass
  • Tracks:
    Slider, Watermelon Man, Memphis Underground, Do it again, Karma, Mercy mercy mercy, High heel sneakers, Funny how time slips away, Halleluyah, 16 Tons, Over the rainbow, Happy Trails

A flutist with a warm, mellow tone, Mindy Canter began playing piano at age 4 and flute at the age of 9.

Her third album Fluteus Maximus starts with "Slider", an original funky composition with accesible melodies, plus an Hammond B3 organ and electric guitar sound that adds to the 70's funk style.t he second track is a softer, kind of sexy version of Herbie Hancock "Watermelon Man". Canter does a similar kind of arrangement of another classic "Mercy Mercy Mercy".

The danceable beat of "Memphis Underground" also has elements of funk and in "Do it again" Mindy and company goes into smooth jazz territory with a touch of rock.

"Karma" another Canter original is one of the jazzier tracks on the release. This time the Hammond organ brings back memories of Jimmy Smith.

"High heel sneakers", "Halleluyah", "16 Tons" and "Funny how time slips awayal" are pure blues with guitarrist Denny Geyer doing an excellent work on vocals.

The album close with "Happy Trails" and an upbeat arrangement of "Over the Rainbow"

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