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CD Review: Mystefy - Me

Contributors: Wilbert
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  • Genre: Jazz - Vocal
  • Personnel:
    Mystefy - vocals, Tim Allhoff - piano, Dieter Ilg - bass, Knuth Jerxsen - percussion, Raphael Zweifel - cello, Jorn Anders - Fluegelhorn, Volker Bruder - soprano saxophone, Oliver Spanuth - drums
  • Tracks:
    East of the Sun, It's a Beautiful day, Healing Hands, Creatures, I close my eyes, Sisters in Spirit, Magic Moments, Art by Heart, Wait for me, Big Secret, We are through

Born in Germany but living in Canada, Mystefy is a singer with a unique voice and style. Me, her second album is a collection of intimate songs hard to classify in a particular genre. Certainly there is a distinct jazz influence especially on songs like "Big Secret" and "Art by Heart". But there is so much more going on in Mystefy music. One may hear some Broadway on phrasing in "Creatures" and in the ballads "Its a Beautiful Day" and "Learn just to be", but the music and nice voice harmonies on "Sisters in Spirit" are definetly gospel. No matter the style, Mystefy delivers convincingly good, hertfelt interpretations.
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