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CD Review: Patty Ascher – Bossa, Jazz ‘n’ Samba

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz - Vocal
  • Personnel:
    Patty Ascher - vocals, Ronaldo Rayol - acoustic guitar, Marco Pontes - piano, Ubaldo Versolate - sax, flute, Eric Budney - bass, Nahame Casseb - drums
  • Tracks:
    Springtime, The Summer Knows, Girls Just Want To Kiss, Booking Time, How Much I Care, The Winter, Saudade, Sunrise, The Sun, Talvez, Pela Manha

Brazilian singer Patty Ascher surrounded herself with some of the best musicians from Brasil for her second release Bossa, Jazz ‘n’ Samba (released in Brasil under the title Brasil Deu Jazz no Samba). Roberto Menescal, one of the founding fathers of Bossa Nova was the production supervisor and also played guitar in “Sunrise”. Dori Caymmi didi the arrangements for the only non original song on the album, “The Summer Knows”.

Bossa, Jazz ‘n’ Samba is a collection of ten original song by Patty Ascher. With an elegant arrangement of strings the album includes the bossas, “Springtime”, “Saudade” and “Sunrise” and some ballads, “The Winter”, “How much I care” and some jazz, “Girls just want to kiss” and “The Sun”. Ascher sings mostly in english on these ones, however the best tracks are those where Ascher sings in her native language, “Pela Manha” and “Tal Vez”.

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