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CD Review: Scott Ramminger - Crawstickers

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Blues
  • Personnel:
    Personnel: Scott Ramminger - vocals, tenor, baritone and alto saxophone, Dave Chappell - guitar, Brain Simms - piano, organ, accordion, Claude Arthur - bass, Pete Ragusa - drums, Josh Howell - percussion, Vince Mc Cool - trumpet, Mary Ann Redmond, Patty Reese - vocals
  • Tracks:
    Tracks: Crawstickers, Magic eight ball never lies, there must be something wrong with you, Real fine gumbo, Three dollar beer, Fast and Loud, I dreamed I met Jesus, That Rumba Beat, Annandale Girl, The Country's gone from me

Singer/songwriter/saxophonist Scott Ramminger define ‘crawstickers’ as "things that stick in someone's mind" and that is a perfect way to define the music on this album, eleven originals songs that range from rock, funk, blues, jazz, country, gospel and even Latin.

The lyrics are fun and witty starting with the title track, talking about those ‘crawstickers’ that stick with you not always in a positive way. And "There Must Be Something Wrong With You," about people that despite their huge differences decide to stay together. This one is a duet with singer Mary Ann Redmond.

Another fabulous duet, this time with Patty Reese, is the swing "The Country's Gone From Me". Redmond and Reese provide the wonderful backing vocals on the old fashioned rock and roll, "Fast and Loud".

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