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CD Review: Troy Roberts - Nu-Jive

Contributors: Wilbert Sostre
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  • Genre: Jazz - Smooth
  • Personnel:
    Troy Roberts - saxophone, Silvano Monasterios - piano, Eric England - bass, David Chiverton - drums
  • Tracks:
    Chiver Town, Brotherlation, Nu Jive Interlude, Shavon, Liberty Nights, Oscar and the shoe box, Siarus, Eclipse, Mademfalselle

Don't be fooled by the cover art of Troy Roberts new release Nu-Jive. Nu-Jive is a collection of mostly funk jazz with accesible melodies and the sensuality of Troy Roberts tone on saxophone. Tracks like "Brotherlation" and "Shavon" brings to mind smooth jazz groups like Spyro Gyra. "Siarus" and "Eclipse" both start as funk ballads before speeding in tempo.

The more interesting track on the album is "Oscar and the Shoe Box", a composition with latin influences, and south american rhythms. Not a surprise considering Roberts was nominated for a Best Latin Jazz Album Grammy for his performance on Sammy Figueroa's The Magician. Actually Sammy Figueroa plays congas and shaker on this track. Roberts plays his most inventive solos, and Venezuela born pianist Silvano Monasterios also shines with excellent improvisations on this one.

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