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Mission Statement

Jazz Inside is dedicated to support the growth and perpetuation of America's Original Classic Art Form - Jazz. The organization is committed to document and codify the music and promote improvisation as a vital approach to creating music. Jazz Inside seeks to document both (1) the ever-growing jazz repertoire of published and unpublished compositions; and (2) the improvised recorded solos of jazz practitioners who are currently and have contributed performances and recordings to support, expand and promote the growth of the art form.

Jazz Inside seeks to help educators teach jazz improvisation, and to make it easy for all jazz lovers to participate and to make music, by helping them increase their knowledge, skills and repertoire.

Jazz Inside's goal is to provide music, ideas and motivation, to help jazz enthusiasts, students and musicians develop their skills, understanding, ability to communicate and make music, and to encourage musical participation, interest in, and support of jazz. Toward that goal, Jazz Inside publishes songs to play and note-for-note transcriptions of improvised solos as recorded by master practitioners of the music, along with a companion compact disc recording, book excerpts, reviews of recordings, interviews and related information about jazz.

Further, our goal is to have everyone with whom we do business feel as if they have received far more than they have given.

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