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Are Your Ads Reaching the Most Responsive Jazz Consumers?

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The inspiring magazine that gets you inside the jazz world.

When you advertise in Jazz Inside Magazine, you'll reach a readership of highly committed and serious jazz enthusiasts, musicians, educators, and students throughout the United States, and around the globe.

Jazz Inside Magazine - Quarterly

Readers of Jazz Inside® Magazine pay a premium price ($12.95 for current editions and $24.95 to $27.95 for back issues), for a premium product. This demonstrates their high level of interest in jazz and that they are active consumers, spending money on CDs, books, musical instruments and so on.
  • Published quarterly - print
  • Retail (magazine and CD): $14.95
  • Subscription: $44.95
  • Distribution: Nationwide at leading chains and stores (Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc.) and by subscription.
  • 200 pages plus companion CD
  • Printed on glossy paper, perfect bound
  • CD features full-length tracks by leading and emerging artists and for those who make music an e-book with 100+ pages of songs, solos, instructional articles.
  • Editorial: Interviews, reviews of recordings and products, articles, columns

Jazz Inside NY Magazine
  • Published monthly
  • Distribution: Free at 200+ locations in the New York metro area in Print plus
  • Digitally-downloadable edition (all ads linked to advertisers' websites in digital edition)
  • 80-112 pages
  • Printed on glossy paper, saddle stitch binding
  • Editorial: Interviews, reviews of recordings and products, articles, columns
Jazz Inside Magazine and Jazz Inside NY continue the
tradition, established by Eric Nemeyer with his previous title
Jazz Improv Magazine, publishing the most comprehensive
and compelling editorial content, covering the broadest
definition of styles and genres under the jazz umbrella.

Jazz Inside Magazine is the only magazine created and
published by a jazz musician. The corresponding understanding of the attitudes and challenges artists experience, and the connections, have produced an array of the most comprehensive features and interviews.
This new title, Jazz Inside Magazine, is designed to appeal to the broadest demographic that populates the jazz landscape.

Brought to you by the same team that published Jazz Improv,
Jazz Inside Magazine is much more than a collection of interviews and reviews by observers, journalists and writers who might merely be seeking to get a by-line in every imaginable media outlet. Instead, the one-of-a-kind team of writers and contributors to Jazz Inside Magazine represent a unique editorial voice in the jazz world.

This team of independents is led by the dean of all jazz
journalists, Ira Gitler (who has seen and written about every
artist from the swing era forward). What is extraordinary is
that this group of independent writers is composed of the
most passionate and dedicated independent professionals
and fans. It is a group of active and consummate jazz
performers and educators who have an intimate
and up-to-the-moment understanding of the players,
attitudes and directions of the music from the inside.

In short, the team is beholden to no one. Readers have come
to expect the most objective and comprehensive coverage
– and that’s what we uniquely deliver.

Special advertising and editorial sections include directories, the Jazz Education Sourcebook, CD Spotlight, Hot New CDs for the Summer and the Holidays, Holiday Jazz Gift Catalog, Top CDs of The Year, Clinicians Spotlight, Indie Artist Issue, Festival Guides, photo galleries, an annual pull-out jazz wall calendar, magnet features on a different instrument each issue (Drum Lovers Celebration, Vocalists Swing Into Spring, Brass Lovers Celebration, Sax Lovers Celebration, Piano Lovers Celebration, Guitar Lovers Celebration etc.) and more.
One of the distinguishing features about Jazz Inside is the companion CD with each of the quarterly journal

Reader response has shown overwhelmingly that the companion CD is much more than an album full of satisfying recordings by leading and emerging artists.

Readers save the CDs and use them as buying guides to
save time and money.

More than that, for those who make music, there is an additional value-added bonus – an e-book, about 150-200 pages, in PDF format, featuring song lead sheets, transcriptions of solos by influential artists, arrangements for small groups and big bands and instructional articles and exercises.

In short, Jazz Inside helps industry participants by providing the ultimate cost-effective, results-oriented print, digital, sound, video and social media marketing solutions to influence jazz buyers.
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