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Add Content

How to add content. We use the Artist content as an example.

Adding content to the Jazz Inside web site is a simple 4 step process once logged in: Add, Fill out Form, Save, Submit to Publish. This process is the same for all content. This page will outline the steps for adding an Artist Bio entry but you would follow the same procedure to add News, Events, Folders, Images and more.


  1. Login
  2. Navigate to the recommended content location
  3. Use the Add New Link to add content
  4. Fill out the content form
  5. Save the form
  6. Use the State: Private, dropdown link to Publish

Detailed Instructions

1) Login



You must be logged in to be able to add content. In addition, your account must have been given permission to add content by the site administrator. If you follow these directions, and you do not see the add new link at step 4, then you are either not logged in with the correct account or possibly not in the correct folder.

If you are not yet logged in, use the  login link to get to the login form. Fill out your site username and password in the login form then click login. 

3) Navigate to desired content location

See the page, Content Locations for where content should be added.

4) Add New - Artist

You use the Add New link as shown in the image to the right, to add new content. You will only see this link when you are viewing a folder. For example, if you are currently viewing a Page or Artist or News Item or Event, you will not see the Add New link. Use the site Breadcrumbs to click on the link for the folder to which you want to add the content. Every time you add content, you will need to click on the Breadcrumbs for the folder before you can add another content.


5) Fill out the form

Every content type has a simple form which needs to be filled out. Each for field has a description and some help text which should explain the required information. For example, the Artist form let's you enter the artist's first and last name, description, a photograph and more. 

6) Save the form

Simply press the save button at the bottom of the form to save and view the new content.

7) Publish the new content

All new content added to the Jazz Inside site starts out as Private. This means it can only be seen by you when you are logged in or a site administrator. Site visitors can not see your private content. If you would like to share your content with the general public, then you need to get the content Published. This is done by using the State:Private link as shown in the image to the right. Click the 'Publish' link. As an administrator, you can publish directly rather than needing to submit the content for approval. 

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