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Adding video

How to add video. This page should stay private.

There are two different types of video which can be added.

  1. Link to a video on another site such as YouTube. Support for Youtube, Yahoo Video, Revver, Vimeo, Vmix,, iFilm, MySpace, MetaCafe, uStream
  2. Actual video binary file which is store on this site. Support for Quicktime (MOV, MP4), Windows Media (WMV, AVI, WMA, ASF), RealMedia (RAM) and Flash (FLV, SWF)

The preferred video type is 1, a link to YouTube or another video serving site. This reduces the load on the Jazz site.

Video Folder Settings

Note, the video folder at

needs certain settings to be turned on to display the videos as a nice list.

Sub-types for the video folder should be set to Video Container.

This should also automatically set the Display mode to Video.

How to add a link to a Video

  1. Make sure you are in the "" folder.
  2. In a separate browser tab, open the desired video page. For example, if it is a YouTube video, go to YouTube in the other browser tab and find the desired video.
  3. In the /publications/video folder, click Add New then select Link.
  4. Give the new link a Title, Description then copy the YouTube URL which is right above embed and paste the URL into the Link URL field.
  5. Click save.
  6. Click edit and change the size from 470 to 450.
  7. Click save.
  8. Remember to publish the link by changing the State: Private to Publish!

 How to add a video file

Basically, select Add New, Video File. Browse for the file using the File field browse button. More later


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