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Content Locations

Recommended locations for site content.

Remember, most site listings are the result of content queries and do not depend on the location of the content. The purpose in having recommended content locations is to keep the content organized from an administrative point of view. For example, a MagazineFolder for a new issue can be added anywhere and it will show up in the "Available Now" view. However, putting all of the magazines in one central locations makes it easier to give instructions on how to add a magazine, makes it easier to find magazines and makes it easier for the end user to browse magazines. 

Tip: if you are ever confused about where to put content, use the Sitemap link to get a good overview of the site structure.

Live Content

All live content published or controlled by the magazine staff should go in one of the subfolders of the "Publications" folder.

Jazz Inside Magazine 
Goes in the "Magazine" subfolder of the Publications folder. Organized by in subfolders labeled by Volume#. All content related to the Magazine issue goes in the "Folder Magazine" content type. See the existing examples.
Jazz Inside NY
Goes in the "Guide" subfolder of the Publications folder. All guides are in the one folder and added by adding a "Folder Guide". 
Artists information added by Jazz Inside staff goes in the "Artists" subfolder of Publications. Publicists can enter their own artists information in their own home folder. The Directories/Artists link in the global navigation will list all published artists regardless of where they were added. 
Record Labels, Groups, News 
Added to the same named subfolder as above. 
Articles is a folder for articles by Jazz Inside staff but which are not in any Magazine. If the article is from a Jazz Inside published magazine, the article should go in the appropriate Magazine Folder. 

Directory Content/Items 

All Directory Items go in the root folder called "Directory". Directory items include but are not limited to Venues, Schools, Businesses and more. For example, to a Venue, go to the Directory folder, add a Directory Item, fill out the directory item form and in the field named "Category" select "Venue". Once published, the item will show up in the Venues directory listing. 

Other pre-defined Directory categories are: Festival, Radio Station, Organization, School

Categories can be added by going to "Site Setup", "Vocabulary Library", "Directory Type"

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