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F.A.Q. & Return Policy

Frequently Asked Questions


How long until I receive my first issue?

Please allow up 30-90 days for delivery of first issue.

How many issues of Jazz Inside Magazine will I receive with my subscription?

There are four subscription issues of Jazz Inside Magazine in the one-year subscription, and eight issues of Jazz Inside Magazine in the two-year subscription.

How many issues of Jazz Inside NY Magazine will I receive with my subscription?

Jazz Inside Magazine is published monthly; 12 times per year.

To check on status of existing subscription

Please call our Circulation Department or e-mail us

To check on status of new subscription order

Please allow 30-90 days for delivery of first issue prior to calling our subscription department.

How can I order back issues or Jazz Inside Magazine merchandise?

The Easiest way to purchase Jazz Inside Magazine Merchandise via credit card is to visit our online store. Issues of Jazz Inside Magazine include advertisements for back issues and provide a mail-in order form. Call at 215-887-8880 or e-mail:

How do I replace a damaged issue?

Occasionally, your copy of Jazz Inside Magazine or a companion CD may arrive damaged. Please notify our subscription department and a replacement copy will be sent.

How do I change a subscription address?

Jazz Inside Magazine cannot be forwarded. You must notify our subscription department in writing at least six weeks prior to moving to ensure uninterrupted service of Jazz Inside Magazine. Simply pull off your mailing label and send it to the address above with your new address. You may also change your address by emailing: Please allow up to 60 days for the address change to become effective.

How do I pay for subscription renewal by credit card?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Contact our subscription department at 215-887-8880.

How do I pay for a new subscription by check or money order?

Simply mail your new subscription request to: Jazz Inside Magazine, P.O. Box 30284, Elkins Park, PA 19027. Be sure to tell us what your mailing address is.

How do I order a gift subscription?

Gift subscriptions can be placed by phone with a credit card or faxed. A gift notice will be sent directly to the recipient.

Article Submissions

How do I submit an article for review or get published in Jazz Inside Magazine as a writer?

Jazz Inside Magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. From time to time, we add contributing writers to our staff. If you would like to be considered as a contributing writer, or to otherwise submit an article, manuscript, transcription, review or anything else for possible publication in Jazz Inside Magazine, please adhere to the following instructions. We ask that, prior to sending us any of your writing or creations, you request specific permission to send samples of your work. All materials sent become the property of Eric Nemeyer Corporation / Jazz Inside Magazine, unless prior agreement is otherwise made in writing. The opinions expressed in Jazz Inside Magazine by contributing writers are their own and do not necessarily express the opinions of Jazz Inside Magazine, Eric Nemeyer Corporation or its affiliates.

How do I send a letter to the editor?

Email Eric Nemeyer at:

How To Submit CDs, Books & DVDs For Review

What are the guidelines for sending in CDs, Books, DVDs for review in Jazz Inside Magazine?

Jazz Inside Magazine would be pleased to consider reviewing your recordings, music books, videos, DVDs, software and other products. We receive hundreds of books and CDs each year from artists, publishers, labels and other industry participants seeking editorial coverage. Those who follow our guidelines and submit the requisite two copies-thereby saving us the time and energy from having to follow-up to request an extra copy-are more likely to find their way into the editorial pipeline.

Please send TWO COPIES of each CD or product to the attention of the Editorial Dept. All materials sent become the property of Jazz Inside, and may or may not be reviewed, at any time.

What are the guidelines for sending press releases to Jazz Inside Magazine?

Send your press releases to: Jazz Inside Magazine, P.O. Box 30284, Elkins Park, PA 19027. If you e-mail us, do not send attachments: They will not be opened.

How To Submit Musical Instruments, Audio Equipment and Other Products For Review

How can we get our musical instruments, amplifiers, audio products, and other peripherals reviewed in Jazz Inside Magazine?

Please contact Eric Nemeyer215-887-8880 or e-mail:

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