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BELEDO is considered a real myth among Uruguayan music connoisseurs," according to EL PAIS newspaper from Montevideo, Uruguay. Piano was Beledo's first instrument, however, he became a guitar hero in his teenage years captivating audiences in Uruguay and Argentina. Later on, his fusion effort of the early eighties in South America was recognized in the U.S. in articles appearing in GUITAR PLAYER magazine and JAZZIZ magazine, while he was touring at top venues and recording in ARGENTINA with PEDRO AZNAR from the Pat Metheny Group. His new CD MONTEVIDEO JAZZ DREAMS features: Stefon Harris, Randy Brecker, Manolo Badrena, Andy Middleton, David Finck, Jorge Camiruaga, and Chris Komer.  Beledo is the guitar player on the album FORWARD MOTION of the South African Jazz band OJOYO featuring saxophonist and band leader MORRIS GOLDBERG, drummer ANTON FIG, and bassist BAKITHI KUMALO. In 1996 BELEDO toured Europe and the Caribbean with the TROPICAL TRIBUTE TO THE BEATLES featuring TITO PUENTE, CELIA CRUZ, TITO NIEVES, CHEO FELICIANO, and an all-star line up of Latin artists. In 2001 BELEDO opened for MARCUS MILLER BAND. Long noted as a guitarist, pianist, and composer, since he was a kid BELEDO performed with his group, SIDDHARTHA, in every theatre in his hometown of Montevideo.  He attended the University School of Music in Uruguay and performed classical music recitals on the NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO and in various theatres. He was a founding member of the first Jazz Ensemble, sponsored by the school in an effort to integrate jazz into the traditional curriculum.


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