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Earthdriver is a high-powered New York City based band comprised of some of the hottest musicians on the scene. From this diverse collective comes an intense hybrid of funk, rock, soul, hip-hop, drum & bass, world music, and experimental genres. Beginning as an organic meeting ground where musicians of all backgrounds were free to explore their own creativity, what has resulted is an uncensored explosion of art and music overflowing with the liberating spirit of 'harmonious subjectivity'. Since Earthdriver is just as much a movement as it is a band, there is a common understanding of the importance of freethinking and creativity to the larger struggle in the United States and to peoples' movements around the world. Earthdriver has had the privilege of performing at a sold-out benefit concert at Madison Square Garden for political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal as well as benefits for child amputees from war torn Sierra Leonne, the Zapatistas of Chiapas, Mexico and victims of police brutality.


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