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Jordan, Ronny

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The Grammy nominated, international jazz star and N-Coded Music recording artist Ronny Jordan is universally acknowledged as "The King of Acid Jazz" and a major jazz pioneer. With his debut seminal release "The Antidote" ('92), Ronny is largely credited as the man who bought the guitar back to prominence in the contemporary jazz radio format that was previously dominated by the likes of Kenny G and his many other sax contemporaries. In a recent Internet jazz poll of the (top) twenty most influential jazz musicians of the 20th Century, Ronny was number 13. Ronny signed his first record ideal with Universal Island in July 1991, and started work on his debut release, The Antidote. The rest, as they say, is history. "The Antidote" became a global smash not just because of "So What" - which became the definitive Acid Jazz tune - but also because of his signature tune "After Hours" - the first and most important smooth jazz guitar classic, which introduced Ronny to the US market. Ronny's style has often been described as provocative, unique, broad and uncompromising, covering a very broad base such as Acid Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Smooth Acid Bop, Soul Jazz, Funk, Soul, Jazz Hip-Hop, Gospel, Urban, World and more. In Contemporary Jazz, Ronny Jordan is an "Everyman", and sure to go down in history as one of the most gifted and talented musicians of his generation.~


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