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Growing up in South Florida Lee was always unique musically and that interest in music led him to deejay, produce and eventually speak his mind over his own works. With some friends he formed seminal rap/ funk/ soul outfit known as The Square Egg, which became a ten-piece band, and shortly thereafter the group moved their operation to Brooklyn, NY. Something was still missing, though, which is why Lee decided it was time to do something on his own. It was time to introduce the world to every side of who he is. It was time to let listeners Meet Lee. “Meet Lee” is, at its essence, a portrait of a man exploring all the aspects of himself - his successes and disappointments, his thoughts on love, his cultural and political concerns, as well as his views on spirituality. Lee manages to rally against an industry that casts Black men in particular into hyper-stylized caricatures by creating a work that embraces a myriad of musical styles and genres, and one that he can “listen to in (his) headphones and be able to look around at others on the Brooklyn-bound A train and smile at them.”  He seamlessly glides back and forth from jazzy creations to b-boy influenced rhythms and vocally one can, at times, truly feel a sense of urgency in his tone and delivery. With Meet Lee for the first time in his career Lee has taken control of every aspect of the creation of an album. “I wanted to show all those things about myself and who I am in being multidimensional, as we all are.”


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