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Micic, Alma

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Jazz Singer Alma Micic is a 'Tower Of Power' as she offers us her vocal interpretations visa-vie her new CD project. Alma's natural phrasing & lovely vibrato make for a substantial vocal instrument. I hear a deeper talent in her romantic ballad side. There's a warmth & sensitivity that's real along with an uniquely 'identifiable' sound............That of a robustly confident vocal proponent of the American Songbook. Since my last positive review of this gifted vocal artist, I'm hearing a more profound craft in her artistry along with this sense that she's gained a more valued exposure & confidence in what she's been created to do. - George W Carroll


Alma was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia.  After studies at Berklee College of Music she moved to NYC making her mark on the jazz scene with her impressive vocal talents.


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