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Sinatra, Jr., Frank

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  • Instrument: Vocals
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Frank Sinatra, Jr. was born in New Jersey, raised in California, and educated in the showrooms of Las Vegas and on bandstands all over the world. While studying music at the University of Southern California, Frank Jr. originally planned a career as a pianist and conductor. Show promoters, however, had different ideas, and he eventually made his professional show business debut as a singer with the Elliott Brothers Band.
At 21, Frank Jr. made his debut into the big time. Encouraged by his reception, Frank Jr. put together a complete show and hit the road with members of the old Tommy Dorsey Band. Then, as now, his intention was never to compete with his father, but simply to try and make an honest living as a musician. Abel Green, editor of “Variety” at the time, heralded Frank Jr.’s debut with a “thumbs-up” verdict: “Frank Jr. clicked, packing his 20-minute stint with commendable professionalism.”
In 1964, Frank worked 345 days in the U.S. and overseas, interrupting his schedule of personal appearances only for courtroom appearances at which he served as a witness for both the prosecution and the defense. 1965 was even busier. He worked 358 days out of 365. As Frank Jr. put it, "A famous father means that in order to prove yourself, you have to work three times harder than the guy who comes in off the street with a song to sing."
1965 also saw the release of his debut album, Young Love For Sale (Reprise), a collection of showroom standards performed with warmth, enthusiasm, and considerable skill, particularly considering the singer was himself barely of legal drinking age. By 1967 he had signed with RCA Victor, where he cut a series of fine, overlooked singles that successfully combined the big-band sound he loved with the pop-rock sound that was popular at the time.
Beginning in 1988, at his Father’s request, Frank served as conductor and musical director for his father’s final years of live performing, earning Frank, Jr. the respect of the musicians and those in the audience for the devotion and skill he brought to the job. In addition to his work for his father behind the scenes, Frank Jr.'s lively duet with Frank Sinatra on "My Kind of Town" was considered by many listeners to be the highlight of the elder Sinatra's best-selling Duets II set.
Finally, in 1996, the Frank Jr. loyals were rewarded with his first full-length album release in nearly 20 years. As I Remember It was released on compact disc by the highly respected classical label Angel Records. On this 32-track album, Frank Sinatra Jr. tells the story of the Sinatra Legend through careful, thoughtful narration, and perfectly rendered mini-versions of Senior's best songs.
After his father’s death, audiences honored Frank, Jr. and the 36-piece orchestra with numerous standing ovations during all three of his sold-out shows at the Sands Hotel Casino in October of ’98. In 2009, Frank Sinatra, Jr, is touring with the 36 piece orchestra, the 20 piece band and his octet, performing Sinatra Sings Sinatra, singing his father’s songs as he remembers them.


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