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Soul Cycle

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Soul Cycle is one of the most exciting new groups to emerge from Brooklyn. Quickly becoming an important part of the independent music scene there, Soul Cycle has developed a distinctive brand of world fusion, incorporating sounds from jazz, funk, hip-hop, R&B, gospel, reggae, Latin, and African music. Urban Organics, Soul Cycle's newest release, delivers a smart set of ten original compositions and one cover. calls Soul Cycle "one of the hippest contemporary soul combos we've ever heard," and the group was named Flavor of the Week by Beyond Race magazine. Urban Organics currently receives airplay on college, internet, and commercial radio stations around the world. Fischer penned four of Urban Organics' compositions, while the group's drummer Corey Rawls contributed another four, and two were written by Josh David, the bassist. The lone cover is a new interpretation of the Isley Brothers' classic ballad "Footsteps in the Dark," which features a warm and nuanced performance from guest vocalist Ramona Dunlap. Running slightly over an hour, Urban Organics explores moods from meditative to exhilarating, from poignant to boisterous, from sensual to lighthearted. What ties the project together is the sincerity of the musicians and their group chemistry. "Our music is about how we relate to one another and how we can express ourselves by giving something of value to the audience," declares Fischer. It is this dedication to emotional honesty that ultimately ensures Soul Cycle’s success.


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