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Tesar, Rave

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Since the 1980s, pianist and composer Rave Tesar has been an in-demand New York City session player. You Decide is a straight-ahead jazz exercise on which he and the highly capable Kermit Driscoll and Bill Tesar display some rather impressive and imaginative chops.  "The Scale Song" could easily turn into a piano standard. It is that good. Tesar's opening Brubeck-like chords provide the perfect counterpoint to his following upper-register single-note runs that sound nothing like Brubeck.  A short "Moon River" quote or two finds its way into his stylish improvisation. Tesar has a light and swinging George Shearing touch in his chord playing and in his right hand. Tesar's brother keeps a gentle rein on his drumming while adding the needed textures with his brushes. Driscoll adroitly doubles much of the melody on upright. These guys are seasoned pro= s that know how to handle a melody. This trio's playing is of the highest caliber. Tesar's fine compositions deserve nothing less.


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