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Tucksy is a New York-based genre-bending jazz band that focuses on the original writing of band-leader Dan McCarthy, as well as cover songs from well-known rock and pop bands. Conceptually, the band strives to create music that breaks the rules of jazz by blending bluegrass, rock, and country with a post-modern jazz aesthetic, and by fusing the grooves of hip-hop and funk music with the improvisational approach of jazz. Most importantly, the band focuses on melody and song-structure and creates music that appeals to a broad spectrum of listeners. Oh, and let it be known that this band is led by the combination of banjo and vibraphone; a first in the jazz world and bluegrass world and country world and rock world.  But don't let the novelty fool you, as the pedigree of the players and the quality of the musicianship is apparent from the first note.


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