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Acton Jazz Café

  • Location: Acton,MA
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The Acton Jazz Cafe was listed among Downbeat Magazine’s “100 Great International Jazz Clubs” in 2007. Announcing: Sunday Jazz Brunch! Every Sunday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Our Mission Statement

   Music in its live form is a relationship among the musicians playing

and the listeners listening.

Great  inspiration and a true feeling of aliveness can be found

in the presence and participation of both players and listeners.

Live music is good for the heart, soul, mind and body,

and can never be truly reproduced by a recording.

There is no substitute for the experience, and awareness, of real people

doing real things, together and in the present moment.

The mission of The Acton Jazz Café, as we enjoy our eleventh year of operation:


--To present and to support the highest quality regional live music

in an intimate and interactive atmosphere.

--To be a comfortable, attractive and affordable meeting place for its patrons.

--To provide a space that is conducive to conversation, to fine and nourishing dining,

   to the imbibing of quenching beverages,

to the enjoyment of music, and to dancing.

--To support a community of all ages of professional and non-professional musicians, and to provide a stage for growth, networking, experimentation and performance.

--To serve the community that supports it in as many creative ways as possible.

--To provide an honest and reasonable living to its full and part time staff.

--To survive and to stay true to these ideals into the future,

despite the inevitable changes in our economy and political situation.

--To promote and support the ideal of worldwide peace at a community level.

--To join together with our friends in celebration of the best that we all have to offer, and to add something tangible to a dream

of a more creative and festive life for everyone.

The cafe is open from 6:00 p.m. until midnight

Wednesday through Saturday & on Sundays from 11-2 for Brunch with

The Paul Broadnax Trio;

from 4-7 for our weekly Sunday Jazz Jam,

and again at 8 p.m. for our weekly Brazilian Dinner & Dance Night

(see this week's schedule for details)

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