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Appel Farm Arts and Music Center

  • Location: Elmer,NJ
  • Phone: (800) 394-8478
  • E-Mail:
  • Web Site: Here

Appel Farm is a nonprofit regional arts center near Elmer, Salem County, New Jersey. Our concerts, camp, arts classes, outreach and conference programs offer unique opportunities to explore the fine and performing arts in a friendly, supportive environment

Appel Farm was founded in 1960 as a private summer arts camp for children. Albert and Clare Appel, both professional musicians and music educators themselves, believed that the arts play a crucial role in developing a child's learning skills, encouraging personal growth, and instilling a sense of community and responsibility. They converted their 176-acre farm in rural Salem County, New Jersey, into a unique and supportive community of students, artists and art educators. Appel Farm Arts and Music Center was incorporated in 1978 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a professional staff and a volunteer Board of Trustees.

Now in its fifth decade, Appel Farm has evolved into a multidisciplinary regional arts center serving audiences, artists and students through local, regional, national and international programs. A steady commitment to facilities expansion and improvements has kept pace with our program growth, and has resulted in dedicated spaces and specialized equipment for visual arts, media and recording arts; music practice and ensemble spaces; dance studios; a theater and auxiliary facilities. The Center's unique, wood-fired noborigama kiln, built in collaboration with Perkins Center for the Arts in 2000, is at the center of a dynamic ceramics program and serves as a resource for professional artists and students alike. The Center's programs build on the Appels' founding principles, providing opportunities for arts education, arts appreciation and creative expression to more than 55,000 children and adults in the current year.

Appel Farm's mission is "to provide people of all ages, cultures and economic backgrounds with a supportive, cooperative environment in which to explore the fine and performing arts." The philosophy of the Center encompasses the belief that the arts are an exciting and essential part of the learning process, and that artistic talent is innate and waiting to be developed in every person.

The Center's primary objectives are:

  • to present diverse year-round programs which enrich the cultural vitality of the region by serving the needs and interests of a vast rural community and rapidly expanding suburban community;
  • to develop future artists and audiences by exposing young people to the arts process and the work of professional artists and arts educators;
  • to provide opportunities and support for local, regional and national artists whose work stimulates, challenges and educates;
  • to support artistic growth among cultural groups and organizations by providing an affordable facility that encourages creativity, arts activity and engagement
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