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June 2011

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June 2011

June 2011

Eliane Elias, pianist, vocalist, composer is featured in the June 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine. This 64-page edition also features Brazilian vocalist Milton Nascimento; the Annual Summer Festival Guide, Sax Lovers Celebration including interviews with Steve Wilson, Jim Snidero, Lars Dietrich, Curtis MacDonald, Mark Weinstein and Lou Caputo plus reviews and articles to delight your jazz palette, and 16 pages of New York jazz activities.

The June 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine (64 pages), available free in print and as a down-loadable digital edition, and designed for jazz lovers worldwide - features pianist, vocalist composer Eliane Elias. This issue also includes interviews with vocalist Milton Nascimento, trumpeter Sean Jones, guitarist Dom Minasi, pianist Amina Claudine Myers and Steven Bensusan, owner of the Blue Note and producer of the Inaugural Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York. This issue also includes the Annual Sax Lovers’ Celebration including conversations with an array of saxophonists: Steve Wilson, Jim Snidero, Lars Dietrich, Curtis MacDonald, Mark Weinstein and Lou Caputo. There are also ample CD reviews to delight your jazz palette.

In the interview with Eliane Elias, by Eric Harabadian, she discusses her new recording, Light My Fire, her activities, her move from Brazil to the the United States when she was 21 and some inspiring words about taking responsibility that leave no room for anyone to blame others or complain about their circumstances. "I always tell young musicians, especially the ones who are born here — you’re born here, you speak the language, you don’t need a green card or anything! If you want something, really go for it! That’s what I did and I didn’t speak a word of English when I first came here to New York alone at 21. It is all possible!"

While the jazz world has over the last few years experienced a shrinking number of pre-recorded music sales, fewer record labels, radio stations, clubs and venues, and so forth, live music - notably a number of festivals - is doing very well. The Inaugural Blue Note Jazz Festival in New York features 30 days of multiple performances in multiple locations and is produced by Steven Bensusan, the Blue Note Jazz Club owner. In the interview in the June issue of Jazz Inside, he says: “People can’t replicate the live music experience And ,so that is something that is doing well. It’s not to say that there is definitely shrinking … and that is a concern. Times are changing and we are adapting. When people go out and experience the music, that may not even result in record sales. But they’ll come back and they’ll have a good time.”

Guitarist Dom Minasi talks about his career and the relevance of life experience as it shapes an artist's creations. "It’s life that makes the music. That’s the difference with kids coming out of school and just playing. It’s the people who have lived the music who are making the music. To be a great player you have to live it.”

Minasi, a jazz player who can play inside or out, comments on some of the players who are involved in the avant-garde or open form arena of this music: “There are guys out there who play ‘out’ who don’t understand harmony and theory and they can play, but most of them can’t play. They don’t have the talent. You can put chord changes in front of them on the bandstand and they can’t do it.”

Guitarist, composer, educator, recording engineer Joey Stuckey shared insights into many aspects of the music business, attitude, humility, and overcoming physical challenges: "My definition of a professional is someone that takes whatever they are given and makes it work.”

In the Sax Lovers Celebration, Lars Dietrich talks about the importance of embodying a more universal perspective:  “New York offers a giant community of incredible musicians that humble you and make you understand you need to dig much deeper to understand what you as a person can offer the world other than simply playing your instrument well.”

Saxophonist Curtis MacDonald offers addtitional enlightened perspectives in his interview: “Character is an outward expression of your self. A reputation is the opinion of others, which is beyond your control. Building one’s character is a dynamic life-long process. With that in mind, I’m concerned with developing a sustainable environment for music making and music sharing. This way, intentions are set to serve others."

Steve Wilson has performed and recorded with an array of jazz giants including Chick Corea, Mingus Big Band, Dave Holland and others. He offered an astute perspective on the importance of the music over technique. "Most audiences don’t care if you’re playing a flat 6ths over a Major chord. They couldn't care less. I couldn't really care less either when I go to hear music. I don’t go to hear music to discover how much they’re calculating, I go to be moved and enlightened and stimulated. If they do that with simple Major triads, beautiful. If they do it with something more complex, beautiful. But the whole idea, is that music at its best reflects humanity, humility, spirituality and communication, and has those at its core. What is going to stay with you as a listener, a day from now, a week from now, years from now? The formulas? How intellectual, complex or tricky the music is? Or, the feeling you experienced?"

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The Performance Review and CD Spotlight section highlights releases by J.D. Allen, Gary Burton, Eliane Elias, Charlie Haden, Fred Hersch, Dado Maroni, New Trick, Rufus Reid, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and others.

This month, in Apple Chorus, Ira Gitler talks about Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band and the legacy in the current incarnation of the Alumni All-Star Band.

Comprehensive monthly calendar and event listings for the number one jazz market in the world - New York - span 16 pages.

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