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May 2011

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May 2011

May 2011

Bobby Sanabria, drummer, percussionist, composer, educator, Latin Jazz expert is featured in the May 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine. This 64-page edition also features Michael Feinstein, pianist and master of the Great American Songbook - as a performer and historian; the Annual Drum Lovers Celebration including interviews with Sanabria, Steve Maxwell of Maxwell Drums, Glenn Davis, Rob Garcia, Ferit Odman, Jochen Rueckert, plus CD reviews and articles to delight your jazz palette, and 16 pages of New York jazz activities.

The May 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine (64 pages), available free in print and as a down-loadable digital edition, and designed for jazz lovers worldwide - features drummer, composer Bobby Sanabria. This issue also includes an interview with pianist Michael Feinstein, and the Annual Drum Lovers’ Celebration including conversations with an array of drummers: Glenn Davis, Rob Garcia, Ferit Odman, Jochen Rueckert and Steve Maxwell - expert on drums, collectible, historic and custom drum sets, cymbals and equipment, and the creator of Maxwell Drums, with locations in New York and Chicago. There are also ample CD reviews to delight your jazz palette.

In the interview with Bobby Sanabria, by Bob Gish, he discusses Latin Music, his activities, album releases, his big band, activities as an educator, and his Bronx roots. He astutely points out: "You cannot have revolution without a healthy respect for the past, the knowledge of the past.”

Michael Feinstein speaks articulately about the Great American Songbook, the connection between lyrics and instrumental performance and improvisation, and his role as Musical Director of the new series, Jazz and Popular Song, at Jazz At Lincoln Center that will take place during May and June. Feinstein says: “...what would these guys [jazz musicians] be playing if they didn’t have American popular song - either the songs themselves or the various things that have been created based on the changes of all these songs."

In the Drum Lovers Celebration, Glenn Davis talks about maintaining a positive attitude and how it impacts the music: “... one of the things I have observed about most of the better musicians that I have worked with is they have positive attitudes about what they are doing. When you work with people who are creative and focused and have a great attitude about what they do, it is infectious and lifts all of the other musicians in the band to play on a higher level.”

Rob Garcia talks about the not-for-profit artist organization he created, Connection Works, and artist-run organizations in general. In the face of the changing nature of the music business, artists are needing to take responsibility for their own careers and activities, more than ever, to maintain creativity and achieve success. Also, artist-run organizations help develop awareness for the music. Garcia says: “Artist-run organizations help with bringing more awareness to a group of artists, and perhaps also to an entire scene. Often these artists-run organizations will present in community settings that will expose new listeners to the music.”

Garcia also cites the importance of the business side of a career in music: "I do acknowledge that jazz students should be required to take some music business classes and be educated on how a career in jazz could possibly work.”

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The CD Spotlight section highlights releases by Sheryl Bailey, Anthony Branker, Larry Coryell, Kermit Driscoll, Wayne Goins, Rick Holland & Evan Dobbins, Lauren Hooker, Sean Jones, Adam Kolker, Noah Preminger, Dave Sterner, Malika Zarra.

This month, in Apple Chorus, Ira Gitler talks about Jews In Jazz the subject of an extensive new book.

Comprehensive monthly calendar and event listings for the number one jazz market in the world - New York - span 16 pages.

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