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October 2010

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October 2010

October 2010

Pianist George Duke is featured, in the October issue of Jazz Inside Magazine, in an interview conducted by Vic McLean. This 48-page edition includes the Indie Artist Celebration, "Deeper Perspectives" column on "Fear" with comments by Pat Martino, plus CD reviews and articles to delight your jazz palette.

The October issue of Jazz Inside NY Magazine (48 pages), available free in print and as a downloadable digital edition is designed for jazz lovers worldwide - and features keyboard master George Duke discussing his new recording on Heads Up, his insights into the record business, working with Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Al Jarreau, and others.
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This issue features the Indie Artist Celebration including interviews with and insights by saxophonist Dan Wilensky, organist Radam Schwartz, pianist Kerry Politzer, saxophonist Eyal Vilner, guitarist Chielli Minucci, drummer Alvin Queen, vocalist Sandy Sasso.

Chielli Minucci observed: “There are many ways to make money, but there is no greater satisfaction than doing it your way, without compromise. Work with people you enjoy
and make your dreams come true!”

With low barriers to entry in the jazz world, the niche is inconsistently populated not only with highly competent professionals, but less than competent and inexperienced, self-appointed, self-proclaimed "experts" who espouse (or force on everyone else) their "empirical" knowledge. Kerry Politzer shared an observation about these peculiarities. “Club owners, bookers and managers assume that if they haven’t heard of you, your music is probably not very good … If you’re an indie, you, and your music, might not be taken seriously. I recently played a concert and hired some really wonderful musicians who have played all over the world. A newly-minted manager showed up, and his unsolicited critique was that I needed to banter more like Tony Bennett between songs.”

Drummer Alvin Queen whose career includes extended stints with Oscar Peterson, Horace Silver, George Benson and others will be appearing at the Jazz Standard in October and shared the wisdom of his years “we have to fight to let the positive side emerge without fear. If we can turn the negative into positive, we will definitely win the battle. You can’t live your life
feeling bitter about someone else’s – perceived – success.
Above all, learn to like yourself.”

Sandy Sasso offered observations about attitudes and behavior in the jazz world: “Human nature is just that, human and therefore flawed. You have to be able to understand and accept the crazy things that will cross your path. One of the hardest things for me to handle is the betrayal from a colleague. It has happened to me a few times over the years
but it never ceases to break my heart. In this business you are particularly susceptible to getting bit by someone you trust. So, when it happens, you have to lick your wounds and move on. Tough to do.”

Radam Schwartz who has more than three decades of performances accompanying a host of leading jazz artists advised: “My advice to other musicians is to keep working, gig as much as you can and don’t feel like you are entitled, it will make you bitter.”

Dan Wilensky observed:“Whether you’re a ten-year-old violist in a school orchestra, or the concertmaster of the New York
Philharmonic, it’s a good idea to treat all your colleagues with respect. It’s the right thing to do, and there’s no telling who will end up on the top of the heap.”

Ken Weiss provides an article on the Celebration of Life & Memorial for Hank Jones - who played with a Who's Who of jazz artists (including Charlie Parker, John Colltrane, Benny Goodman and many others), as well as 16 years as CBS staff pianist for the Ed Sullivan Show and many others, and accompanist to Marilyn Monroe during her well-known 1962 performance singing "Happy Birthday" to President John Kennedy.

The CD Spotlight section highlights releases by Ryan Cohan, Taylor Eigsti, Oran Etkin, Omar Hakim and Rachel Z, Tamir Hendleman, Christian Howes, Elizabth Lohninger, Mark Moore and Kenny Werner.

This month’s installment of Ira Gitler’s Apple Chorus is entitled “Jazz In The Park, Sonny Rollins". Ira discusses Sonny Rollins 80th Birthday performance at the Beacon Theatre, Ornette Coleman's surprise appearance, as well as a detailed review of one of the groups of jazz musicians who can be found busking throughout Central Park.
Comprehensive monthly calendar and event listings for the number one jazz market in the world - New York - span 16 pages.

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Jazz Inside NY Magazine is published monthly and is also available in print, free at 200 locations around the New York metro area, and by paid subscription for jazz fans who want hard copies delivered to their doors.

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