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October 2011

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October 2011

October 2011

Kenny Wheeler, trumpeter, composer, is featured in the October 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine. This 64-page edition also features interviews with saxophonists George Braith, Sonny Simmons, Rabbi Greg Wall and 95 year old arranger, composer Russ Garcia. There are also performance reviews of the Ron Carter Big Band and Vijay Iyer Trio, CD reviews, articles to delight your jazz palette, and 16 pages of New York jazz activities.



The October 2011 issue of Jazz Inside Magazine (64 pages), available free in print and as a down-loadable digital edition, and designed for jazz lovers worldwide - features trumpeter, composer Kenny Wheeler. This issue also includes interviews with saxophonists George Braith, Sonny Simmons, Rabbi Greg Wall , and arranger-composer Russ Garcia . This issue also includes ample CD reviews, performance reviews of the Ron Carter Big Band and Vijay Iyer Trio, and much more jazz to delight your jazz palette.


In the interview with Kenny Wheeler, the trumpeter and composer, who has recorded and performed with Dave Holland, Lee Konitz, Keith Jarrett, John Taylor, Jack DeJohnette and others, commented on playing inside and out: "I felt that the free music was kind of loosening up my straight-ahead playing – and my straight ahead playing was tightening up the free music a bit."


Kenny also commented on the how the quality of his performance impacts his outlook: "…sometimes if I get a little bit stressed out, and don’t play good, then that can depress me. I can handle everything else if I play good on the gig."


He went on to add his perspective about what a review can do: “A bad review will make you feel bad for maybe a week, but a good review only makes you feel good for the next day - and that’s it.”


George Braith, 72, is best known for playing multiple reed instruments simultaneously and for inventing the Braithophone - two different horns (straight alto and soprano) mended together by extensions, valves and connections to form a double horn with different bells on the end. He recorded for Blue Note Records in the 1960s and played with John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins and many others.


Braith told about his developing association with Coltrane after meeting in San Francisco in the early 1960s. “When [Coltrane] found out about the two-horn playing he said, ‘You’ve got to come to my house.’ We were in San Francisco at the Jazz Workshop and I went and sat in with him … He wired out 75 dollars right away and I headed to New York [in 1967] while I was trembling”


Braith had the opportunity to work with recording engineer Rudy Van Gelder during his series of recordings for Blue Note in the 1960s. "Rudy Van Gelder? … was always very secretive ... He’d go in the booth and wouldn’t want anybody to see what he was doing … His dials were set differently for Prestige than they were for Blue Note. We had a wonderful relationship.”


Composer-arranger Russ Garcia, now 95 and living in New Zealand, had a busy career in Hollywood. He composed music for TV and film, and for numerous big bands and singers including Sarah Vaughn, Mel Torme and many others, in addition to working as the A&R Director for Verve Records. He discusses his career and close association with Oscar Peterson.


“Sarah Vaughn had perfect pitch, so I started the arrangement of ‘My Ship’ with no one playing in back of her ... As we started rehearsing this, the
great arranger Billy May walked into the booth, and seeing the whole big orchestra not playing, he switched on the intercom and said, ‘Hey, Russ. Is this what you get twenty dollars a page for?’”


“Once in Europe, we were backstage and Miles would play the first chorus and walk off stage, letting Coltrane play for 8 or 10 minutes and then Miles would walk on and play the last chorus. Oscar said, ‘Come on, Miles. These people didn’t pay 60 dollars a ticket just for a quick glimpse of your new Italian suit. Get out there and play for them.’”


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Performance Reviews by Shannon Effinger include coverage of Ron Carter's Big Band at the Jazz Standard and Vijay Iyer Trio.


The CD Reviews section includes coverage of recordings by Bobby Broom, Jerry Costanzo, Carmen Cuesta, Tim Horner, Sachal Vasandani, Kenny Werner, Chip White, Ben Williams, Westchester Jazz Orchestra, Phil Woods & Bill Mays


Comprehensive monthly calendar and event listings for the number one jazz market in the world - New York - span 16 pages.


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