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Jazz Inside® Magazine is the most comprehensive periodical reference about jazz improvisation, designed for enthusiasts and improvisers alike. Jazz Inside is a magazine for all Jazz enthusiasts. Each reference-sized edition comes with a companion compact disc that provides jazz lovers an opportunity to preview full-length tracks from new and essential/reissued recordings by leading and emerging artists.
Page Mission Statement
Jazz Inside is dedicated to support the growth and perpetuation of America's Original Classic Art Form - Jazz. The organization is committed to document and codify the music and promote improvisation as a vital approach to creating music. Jazz Inside seeks to document both (1) the ever-growing jazz repertoire of published and unpublished compositions; and (2) the improvised recorded solos of jazz practitioners who are currently and have contributed performances and recordings to support, expand and promote the growth of the art form.
Page Letter From The Publisher
Jazz Inside is the new title I created to continue the tradition that I started as the Founder and Publisher of Jazz Improv Magazine and Jazz Improv NY Magazine for twelve years and four years respectively.
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