Jazz Improv, Vol. 2, No. 2, Michael Brecker, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)

Jazz Improv, Vol. 2, No. 2, Michael Brecker, cover (Print Edition & Companion CD)


Woody Herman Big Band, "Carnivalito" 

Michael Brecker, "Madame Toulouse," "Outrance" 

Lynne Arriale, "Turning" 

Mingus Big Band, "Haitian Fight Song" 

Jim Ferguson, "Not Just Another Pretty Bass" 

Eugene Maslov, "Kolobok" 

Bob Brookmeyer, "Celebration Slow Dance" 

Eric Nemeyer, "Soul Eyes" 

Bud Powell, "Shaw 'Nuff" 

Ballin' The Jack, "Rockin' In Rhythm" 

Cassandre McKinley, "Watch Yourself Go By" 

Ted Borodofsky And Southern Jazz, "I Can't Give You Anything" 

Play Along Track "What's New" 


Getting To The Heart Of Dizzy – An Interview with Author Alyn Shipton

Stretching Beyond The Boundaries – An Interview with Pianist Lynne Arriale

Being In Tiberian Mode – An Interview with Saxophonist Frank Tiberi

Man Of The Times – An Interview with Saxophonist Michael Brecker

Lessons In Right Livelihood – An Interview with Vocalist Amandah Jantzen 


Collected Wisdom: The Real Meaning of Improvisation, by Don Glasgo

Real Words On Jazz: Music For The Long Run, by Brian Torff 

The Business of Music Perspective: Urgent Versus Important, by Eric Nemeyer

Jazz Vocal Lesson, Who Cares About Perfect Pitch, Anyway? by William Collins

Arranging: Three Part Harmony, by Eric Nemeyer

Patterns: Ascending & Descending Ninth Chords Using 8th Note Triplets

Beginning Improvisation: Starting Points For Beginners

Ear Training: First Notes, by E. Nemeyer

Perspective: The Reviewer’s Dilemma, By William Collins

Guest Perspective: Superior Teacher – Superior Student, A Private Lesson With Jack Reilly

Harmon: Above – Below, Part 1, By Eric Nemeyer

Latin: The 21st Century Musician’s Guide To Latin Jazz, Part 2 – Candombe, By Richie Zellon

Perspective: The Tyranny of the Ego, By Eric Nemeyer

Accompaniment: Walking Bass Lines

Play-Along: "What‘s New" Composed By Bob Haggart 

Book Excerpts: 

Groovin’ High: the Life Of Dizzy Gillespie -Chapter 12: The Big Band, by Alyn Shipton. Published by Oxford University Press 

Transcribed Solos: 

Lynne Arriale, Piano Solo, "Turning," from the album Melody, TCB, Transcribed by Aaron Garner

Frank Tiberi, Saxophone Solo, "The Garz & I," from the album Tiberian Mode on NY JAM, Transcribed by Adam Perlmutter

Michael Brecker, Saxophone Solo, "Outrance" Transcribed by Rick Helzer

Michael Brecker, Saxophone Solo, "Madame Toulouse" from the album Two Steps From The Edge on Verve/Impulse. Transcribed by Carl Coan. 

McCoy Tyner, Piano Solo, "Have You Met Miss Jones?" from the album Reaching Forth, Impulse. Transcribed by Reed Kotler

Pete Christlieb, Saxophone Solo, "Shaw ‘Nuff," Transcribed by Reed Kotler 


"Hallucinations" Composed by Bud Powell, Arranged for 3 instruments by Eric Nemeyer

"The Garz and I", Composed by Frank Tiberi

"Kolobok" by Eugene Maslov

"Shaw ‘Nuff" - Composed by Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker

"Bouncing With Bud" 


Michael Brecker‘s Tenor Sax Solo on "Outrance" Analyzed by Rick Helzer

"Have You Met Miss Jones?" Composed by Richard Rodgers, Analyzed by Eric Nemeyer

"Shaw ‘Nuff," Composed by Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker. Analyzed by Eric Nemeyer

"Hallucinations" Composed by Bud Powell, Analyzed by Eric Nemeyer

Charlie Parker’s Solo on "Shaw ‘Nuff" Analyzed & Transcribed by Rick Helzer 

Exercises Scales Patterns: 

Voicings: "Hallucinations" Composed by Bud Powell, Arranged for 3 instruments, by Eric Nemeyer

Scales: Ascending Scales over the chord changes for "Soul Eyes"

Pattern: Descending 9th Chord, Arpeggios Over the changes to "Have You Met Miss Jones?" 

Chart: Fourth Intervals: Fourth Intervals Created on Scales

Intervals: Fourths, By Eric Nemeyer

Patterns: Fourth Intervals on the chord changes to "Have You Met Miss Jones?" 

Chord Permutations - "What’s New" 

CD Reviews: 

Al Cohn/Zoot Sims, From A-Z (RCA) 

Charlie Haden Quartet West, (Verve) 154 Mike Melillo Trio, Bopcentric (Red Rec.) 

Uri Caine (Winter & Winter) 

John Clark, I Will (Postcards/Arkadia) 

Ole Amund Gjersvik, Milonga Triste

Kendra Shank, Wish (Jazz Focus) 

Jeff Brown Quartet, (BlueSound) 

Scott Hamilton & Friends, Blues Bop & Ballads (Concord Records) 

Steve Million, Truth Is… (Palmetto) 

Michael Rossi, Beauty & the Blues (MMC) 

Lisa Thorson, Resonance (GM Records) 

Philip Catherine (Dreyfus Jazz Records) 

Matt Wilson/David Berkman.. The Other Side Of Ellington (Palmetto) 

Basie Bunch, (Vanguard Records) 

Carri Coltrane, The 1st Time (Accurate) 

Dave Stryker, All The Way (Steeplechase) 

Phil Stockli Qtet, The Horizon (Brambus) 

New Jazz Composers’ Octet, First Steps Into Reality (Fresh Sounds New Talent) 

Paul Combs, Hawk’s Delight (BoMuse) 

Chris Washburne & SYOTOS

AE C, Fanfare For The Warriors (Koch) 

Bevan Manson Trio (A-Records) 

Dominique Eade, The Long.. (RCA) 

Chris Speed, Deviantics (Songlines) 

Clark Terry, Intimate Stories (Challenge) 

Ronnie Cuber Quartet (Steeplechase) 

LaMont Johnson, 242 E 3rd (MasterScores) 

Hal Galper/Jeff Johnson (Philogy) 

Eugene Maslov, When I Need To Smile (Mack Avenue Records) 

Sir Charles Thompson & The Hawk, For The Ears (Vanguard Records) 

Teri Thornton, I’ll Be Easy.. (Verve) 

John Coltrane, Coltrane’s Sound (Rhino) 

Gerald Veasley, Love Letters (Heads Up) 

Lenora Zenzalai Helm, Spirit.. (JCurve) 

Mingus B.B. Blues & Politics (Dreyfus) 

Ed Summerlin, Eye on the Future (Ictus) 

Todd Coolman, Lexicon (DoubleTime) 

Yoron Israel, Connection: Live at the Blue Note (Half Note Records) 

Lou Mecca Trio, Bridging The Gap 

Jack Reilly, Brinksman (Unichrom) 

Charlie Mariano, Savannah.. (Jazzline) 

Windmill Sax Quartet (Global Village) 

Joyce DiCamillo Trio, LoveL.. (InPulse) 

Giammarco/Lande, Love Ballads (Red) 

Lovano/Osby, Friendly Fire (Blue Note) 

Cassandre McKinley, Right in Front of You (CDS Records) 

Rick DellaRatta, Live in Brazil and the BlueNote (Stella Records) 

Jeff Pittson, Go Where It‘s Dangerous (Vineland Records) 

Chick Corea, Change (Stretch Records) 

Enrico Pieranunzi (Challenge) 

Jim Ferguson, Not Just Another Pretty Bass (A-Records) 

Francine Griffin, Song Bird (Delmark) 

Bill Evans, Homecoming.. (Milestones) 

Guido Basso/Dave Turner (Justin Time) 

Nancy Reed/D. Leonhardt (Big Bang) 

Pete McGuinness, Sliding In (Kokopelli) 

Saskia Laroo, Jazzkia (Laroo Records) 

Amandah Jantzen (Starfire) 

Southern Jazz, Swingin’ In Paducah (Southern Jazz Productions) 

Hank Jones/Bob Stewart (VWC Records) 

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (New World) 

Rosemary Clooney/Duke Ellington, Blue Rose (Columbia) 

Astrid Cowan, Swing Team (Astron Jazz) 

Bruno Raberg, Orbis (OrbisMusic) 

Jackie Allen, Which? (Naxos) 

Steve Rochinski, A Bird in the.. (Jardis) 

Andy McKee & NEXT (Mapleshade) 

George Mraz, Duke’s Place (Milestone) 

UZ22, Renascimento (Malandro) 

Victor Wooten, Yin-Yang (Compass) 

Jeri Brown, I’ve Got Your.. (JustinTime) 

David Murray, Speaking..Tongues (JustinTime) 

Christian Eckert, Up! (A-Records) 

People Like Us, Believe It (Koch) 

Mimi Fox, Kicks (Monarch) 

Peterson/Jackson/Brown (Telarc) 

Joe Diorio, 20th Century Impressions 

Francesco Crosara, Colors (Southport) 

Attila Zoller, Lasting Love (Acoustic) 

Brainin/Johns, Ceremony (Cats Paw) 

Ray Vega, Boperation (Concord Picante) 

Book/DVD Reviews: 

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